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World-wide demand for starch products is growing daily and centrifugal separation technology is a critical element for meeting this demand. Industrial success depends on a combination of increased productivity, premium quality and the economical use of resources.

Centrifugal separation technology is a key technology in the recovery of  starch from plant products, with substantial potential for improving products and production processes. The process lines incorporating separation technology and the process technological developments of Huading Separator are a product of the experience and innovative strength of the technology leader in this important sector.

Huading Separator is a  leader in starch separation technology based on innovative and non-polluting processes.

Fields of application : 
 ■ Maize starch 
 ■ Maize gluten 
 ■ Wheat starch
 ■ A and B starch
 ■ Wheat gluten
 ■ Bran
 ■ Protein coagulate 
 ■ Potato starch
 ■ Potato pulp
 ■ Potato gratings
 ■ Potato proteins 
 ■ Tapioca / cassava starch 
 ■ Rice starch 
 ■ Pea starch 
 ■ Soya beans proteins