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Centrifuge Research Survey at home and abroad

In industrial production, centrifuges (Recommended Equipment: Refrigerated Centrifuge) is essentially a post-processing equipment, mainly for dehydration, concentration, separation, clarification, purification and solid particles grading process, it is as the development of various industrial sectors corresponding to develop. For example, after the 18th century industrial revolution, with the rapid development of textile industry, cotton occurred in 1836 dryer. 1877 to meet the needs of the cheese processing industry, the invention of centrifuges for the separation of milk. After the 20th century, with the development of comprehensive utilization of oil, demanded water, solid impurities, tar-like materials removed in order to use heavy oil as fuel oil, 50 years successfully developed an automatic slagging slagging separation of dish piston machine, to the 60's developed into a complete series of products. With the modern environmental protection, waste management development, for industrial wastewater and sludge dewatering requirements are high and to promote horizontal spiral centrifuge, disc separator, and three-column Bottom Discharge Centrifuge settlement Machine With further development, especially horizontal spiral centrifuge have been developing rapidly. Now, in the synthesis of plastics (PVC, PP) and synthetic (poly ethylene terephthalate resin) production separation equipment, the spiral centrifuge has become one of the key equipment.

Our truly modern practical value of the first spiral centrifuge is manufactured in 1954, because of its unique continuous operation, large capacity, low power consumption per unit of production, strong adaptability and other characteristics have been developed rapidly In 40 years of development, structure, properties, parameters vary greatly, separation quality, productivity continued to improve, a wider range of applications, has been in the centrifuge field plays an important role. In various international exhibitions, a variety of spiral centrifuge, the centrifuge is on display in the most attractive models, with good prospects for development.

China from the late seventies the introduction of spiral centrifuge, a famous foreign company produces a variety of specifications Decanters were imitation. Decanters former Ministry of Chemical Industry "Plan" scientific and technological projects in 1989, Nanjing Luzhou Machine Factory imitation of the ALFANx42o type large cone angle ((20) centrifuge (the L201), for the separation of corn protein and prototype made in 1992; Since then, the Chongqing Jiangbei Machinery Plant, People's Liberation Army No. 4819 Factory and Jinhua Railway machinery factory developed a series of screw conveyer centrifuge, and successfully applied to production practice. However, the overall level of words, China still lags far behind the industrialized countries. As the modern industrial civilization and the human environment as well as the importance of sustainable development strategies, good separation, vibration (Recommended equipment: vibration screening filter) and low noise low a centrifuge can be an important condition for market acceptance. This requires a good dynamic centrifuge. Typically, the dynamic characteristics including the critical speed, unbalance response and stability and so on. Decanter parameter selection and optimization is improve the dynamic characteristics Decanters first link.

To improve the performance of spiral centrifuge, people frequently asked questions centrifuge research, the main components of the finite element method. Achieved some results. Are: Beijing University of Chemical Master Gu Wei finite element analysis software ANSYs, established the parameters of the spiral conveyor of three-dimensional finite element model for structural static analysis, obtained by screw conveyor in a variety of load conditions of the stress field and the displacement field, and with reference to the analysis of pressure vessel design check of the screw conveyor of the stress intensity investigated the radial displacement of the helical blade. Structural optimization design for the foundation.

Cai Chinese aviation industry engineers were new, about the use of shell elements with the Loop to the method of coupling the whole impeller with splitter blades for plastic analysis. Shell element simulation with leaves, round body to use axisymmetric ring element simulation, the impeller and the wheel near the junction of body coordination to meet the dual conditions: the formula is also derived, and three examples are calculated. The results show that this method is accurate, saving time is good.

Harbin Engineering University, Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Yuan Fu Cai, analysis of the horizontal spiral centrifuge force conditions within the materials derived spiral pusher moment formula, and its objective function, to process requests for the constraint conditions, the use of Optimization theory in complex optimization method wL a 600 horizontal spiral centrifuge parameters a comprehensive analysis and quantitative selection, preparation of the optimal solution of the C program makes parameter determination is simple, easy and reasonable.

Agricultural Engineering Research and Design Institute of China Shen Jin, both Han and Ling Xu Shanghai Institute of centrifuges group, on a 400 LW Universal horizontal spiral centrifuge was directed restructuring: helix, including a number of additional vertical blades, Face painting carbide spiral. Improved separation efficiency and significantly increase machine life.

Jiangbei Machinery Plant in Sichuan Province LI Fu-ming, according to the conical spiral discharging centrifuge physical characteristics of the helical blade, the establishment of a constant velocity spiral of polar coordinates equation. WL through on a 200A, wL 1 350, wL355xl420-N, wL wL a 450 and 600 and other models of a manufacturing centrifuges to prove that expansion calculation method used conical spiral leaves start Blanks diagram expansion method is superior , an effective in meeting the screw conveyor manufacturing process reliability and performance requirements.

Jiangsu Institute of Petrochemical Technology Department of Mechanical Engineering Liuyou Hong, proposed using two-dimensional three-dimensional element analysis of the centrifuge the drum, and a domestic large-diameter horizontal scraper centrifuge drum for the finite element method, the results show that the end of the drum and the liquid blocking plate in the low stress; in turn cylinder in a high stress level, the existence of stress concentration around openings and the maximum value of the virtual elastic stress is far greater than the material yield limit.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Dongjun Hua, Zhong-Ming Liu, De-Shun Fan drum axisymmetric model will be reduced to two-dimensional model. Using ANSYS finite element software to build a large drum Decanters double tapered two-dimensional finite element model, its normal working condition in the overall structure of static analysis, the drum of radial, axial deformation and the stress distribution and maximum stress points, the results show that the double tapered drum strength and stiffness required to verify the safety of the structure of double cone angle.

state machine factory in Nanjing Green Decanter centrifuge design engineers Yanchun Min, qualitative analysis of sediment conditions Decanter centrifuge cone angle of the drum with knives, screw conveyor blade angle B, blade pitch, liquid pool radius and the relationship between differential speed An elaborated to improve the slag Decanters lose condition design.

Chemical Machinery Research Institute of Jiangsu Province Water Dong Fu, Yang Hui Tong, Lin Weiqing, discussed the feed concentration, separation factor, overflow radius parameters on a 400-centrifuge kaolin WL classification performance. East China University of Yan-hua, Fang Tu-Nan, Wang Tingnan, introduced the horizontal spiral centrifuge used in chemical fiber grade titanium dioxide in the application, highlighting the feed concentration, feed rate, speed, baffle size, differential impact of such parameters on the classification, analysis of the effects of various parameters on the classification reasons. Their research to find the best centrifuge operation parameters and provide a reference.

Lanzhou Petroleum Machinery Research Institute of the Department of Animal husbandry oilfield equipment, drilling technology Research Institute of Shengli Petroleum Administration love is the vibration of the spiral centrifuge to test the performance obtained with centrifuge centrifuge vibration acceleration RMS handling capacity , drum speed and the suspension viscosity, density, and test relations between the changes in the natural frequency of a centrifuge.

Petroleum Fushun Petrochemical Company Directors into three plants, sludge dewatering process for the application of the domestic LWD a 430 horizontal spiral centrifuge, and supplemented with high organic flocculants. The test run proved that the effect of significant dehydration process can be a moisture content of 9.8% to 98.5% of the sludge dewatering to 75% to 78%, and the separated liquid to the sewage treatment plant had no significant impact, eliminating the secondary sludge serious problem of pollution.

centrifugal mechanism

visible structural optimization can improve performance and bring good economic benefits. But people are mostly of the screw conveyor, drum and other parts separate study on the spiral of a drum the whole study group was small.

spiral centrifuge drum set for a complex structure, mechanical and materials related changes, the traditional analytical method, to establish a drum set screw system of rigid bodies to Newton-Euler or Lagrange equation Methods of analytical mechanics, represented by the dynamic equation and constraint equations, the dynamic characteristic analysis to identify the parameters should affect the structure of the natural frequency and vibration mode. Established under a certain degree of freedom vibration equation of the numerical points for the study similar to reduce the vibration method is not ideal. As the spiral of a drum group is composed of rigid and flexible multi-body systems work, also by a / the force generated by the materials into, constraints are complex. Setting up and solving equations are difficult, can be idealized treatment, the results can not truly reflect the characteristics of centrifuge work. And because many factors affect the technical parameters that influence the complexity of centrifugal separation is very difficult to calculate 11. Therefore, the choice of the parameters, it is difficult to meet the separation is good, low noise with this requirement; selected empirically based qualitative analysis parameters, and then rely on small scale or in laboratory test results were simulated to enlarge. This kind of experience, trial and error, static, qualitative methods and characterized by the "design as a test of a modified machine," the endless cycle of optimization process is cumbersome, but also costly.

A bowl spiral dynamic characteristics of both groups to consider its rigid motion, but also consider its flexible body movement. Separate analysis of multi-body dynamics and finite element analysis are not easy to solve such problems. With high-performance computers and large-scale application software development, especially Pr. / E, and N astran MSc.Visual an application of finite element simulation with the combined multi-body system to solve the spiral of a drum set of dynamics is the study Decanters innovative ways.