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Asian Development --- non-woven filtration and separation industry

The fifth China filtration and separation industry exhibition and Seminar opened on May 28, 2008 at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center. This exhibition would last three days (May 28-30), the exhibition is the Asia's largest exhibition of filtration and separation, held from 2000 to 2006, has successfully held the 4th. And shown by the U.S. Association of filtration and separation (AFS), the international industry association with a cloth (IFAI), Asian non-woven material Association (ANFA), the United Kingdom "filtration and separation," Journal of the United States "Filter Press" and other strong associations and the media support.

Statistics: the current exhibition area of 10,000 square meters, nearly 400 exhibitors, the number more than 2,000 people, the audience of about 10,000 people, nearly 200 overseas visitors who visited the exhibition about 20,000 people, there are many world-renowned of exhibitors: as Hollingsworth & Vose, DuPont (DuPont), Ahlstrom (Austin Long), Johns Manville (Jiesi Man), etc.; domestic filter material industry leader in industrial fabrics and other filter materials Borg professional manufacturer, in addition, non-woven industrial guild in Japan under the leadership of the Friends of the Li industry from Taiwan, Min into shares, Hou Taiwan Corps also believed machinery exhibition debut. Another highlight is the exhibition as the medium of non-woven filter materials, products surge, non-woven industry accounts for this nearly 50% of exhibitors. With the development of environmental industries, we believe the future of non-woven filter material / filter cloth of the development must have broad space for development. Exhibition will be held over the same period, "The Fifth China International Symposium Filtration and Separation", set up a professional committee filtration and separation. To promote the health of our filtration and separation industry, orderly and rapid development, environmental protection, energy conservation and contribute to the development of circular economy.