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The trends of centrifugal separation technology at abroad

1.       The improvement of dynamic balance technology: This is the device be used to compensate centrifuge unbalanced degree. In the case of that rotors are supported by elastic, the spread of liquid in a hollow circular container to compensate the unbalance of rotors.
2.       A device to reduce the energy consumption: In 1984, U.S. BECKMAN Company has introduced a device which is fixed in the sleeve and its bottom can be partial sealed. This device not only can make the rotor run smoothly, but at the same time, it also can reduce drag and save energy.
3.       The application of CIP technology.
4.       The advent of non-basic centrifuge technology. 
5.       The improvement of the centrifuge’s bowl: Such as high-speed disc separator, the connection of the end and the cover of the bowl body was thread or cutting ring in the old days. However, the design of these two methods is complex and is easy to loose between radial, finally leads to dynamic balance problems. This inconsistency is particularly prominent at home. But the patent of Swedish ALFA-LAVAL Company which refers to a locking connector’s connection method has improved these shortcomings. French patent recommends a new rotor. Its center is made of hard ceramic material and its outer uses a single wire wrapped around flexibly. Thus the strength of the bowl is increasing.
These advances mentioned above discuss the dynamic abroad basically. However, centrifugal separation technology can not develop as fast as electronic technology. Even the most advanced centrifuge is not perfect without missing, and still needs to make efforts in these areas. The future trend of centrifuge is trying for introducing a new generation of centrifuges.