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Main applications of centrifuge

  The  centrifuge is well used in public production.for example,dewatering of chemical materials.Many fine chemical companies need centrifuge to deal with materials;use it to eject spare water in food industry;and apply the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to purify sludge in environmental industry;use disc stack separator to separate oil and use scraper centrifuge to treat starch etc.
  Under the certain centrifugal force,centrifuge denpends on different sedimentation ratio of different materials to separate matters.
  The centrifuge is not only used in industries but in medical and laboratory analysis.for example,the hospital and sanitary service use it to separate blood especially serum separation,the school use medical type centrifuge to get the desired element.In a word,the centrifuge is one of the equipment of using principle of centrifugal force to separate different materials.